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"...try new things. Don't be afraid, step out of your

comfort zones and soar..."   - Michelle Obama

Within all of us lie hidden talents that only come to the surface when we have the courage to try something new. It's for this reason we make our classes as accessible as possible so that students can explore and unlock hidden talents they may not yet realise they have:

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The more you do, the cheaper it gets:

We offer multi-class discounts for students opting to study 3 or more subjects with us, meaning you can enjoy a significant reduction in fees the more you do.  

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Help spread the cost of fees:

We offer monthly payment plans via direct debit for those that would prefer to spread the cost of classes over the term, rather than pay in one go.

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Children love to dance with their friends:

Refer your friends, and for each child that fully enrols you'll receive £10 credit*.

*To qualify for the referral discount new students must join at the start of a term and pay in full.  It’s important to note that new students can still take advantage of a free trial before signing-up.  

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