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Welcome to the “Dance Project”, a summer workshop exclusively for secondary school students to collaborate with professionals to create their own short dance film.


This years Dance Project film is titled  ‘Class Act’ 


‘Class Act’ follows a rebellious group of teenagers determined to shake up their mundane school day with a riot of dance and music, but will their crazy make their teachers smile or wind them up in detention?

The dancers will work closely with our industry professionals to create choreographed sequences, build characters and develop storylines.  


They'll explore costume and make-up choices, experiment with camera angle's and props.  Collaborate on ideas, and challenge themselves to think outside the box.

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By the end of the week they'll have created a short film that showcases their talent, creativity and imagination built out of their ideas and hard work.

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Some previous dance experience required
Monday 22nd August - Friday 26th August
9am-3pm each day 
(£150 for the week per person)

@ Newtown School, Chesham